Whether it’s a printed dot or a pixel, both were produced to tell a story. As we step back we begin to understand their purpose. We start to see how each combine together in a collaborative effort to reveal an even bigger message. 

How that message is created and delivered is equally impressive.  It’s not just a dot or a pixel. it’s a collaborative effort of skilled indivduals doing what they do best...and we’re recruiting. PIEF.

Printing Industries Education Funds (PIEF)

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What Can I Do in Print?

Can I Get a Job?

When you think of working in Print, what comes to mind first:  someone running a printing press or a graphic designer creating a layout? Those traditional workers are definitely needed. In fact, press operators are in high demand. There are many other jobs in Print for people with all types of interests, skills, education and training. You might be surprised at some of the careers available in the printing industry.

We asked, and printing companies are hiring. More than 97 percent plan to hire up to 20 employees in the next year.  Our top 5 most in-demand candidates:

> Sales
> Production/Press Operators
> Finishing and Binding
> Customer Service

> IT and Marketing (tied)

PIEF Scholarship Recipients. Where are they now?

Meet a few of recent graduates who participated in the PIEF Scholarship Program and now have exciting careers in the printing industries. 

Becky O’Neill


Elizabeth Coherd

Robert David Meister
Press Operator

Did you Know:
The average hourly wage for production/non-supervisory
jobs in the US printing industry is $17.00/hr.

In the automobile industry $15/hr.
In the retail industry $13/
In the
leisure hospitality industry $11/hr

Additional Positions & Salaries 
A Desktop Publishing Technician earns between $11 and $33 Per Hour

An Electronic Prepress Professional earns between $17 and $27 Per Hour

Proofing Technician earns between $18 and $30 Per Hour

A Saddlestitcher Operator earns between $17 and $27 Per Hour

A Folder Operator earns between $15 and $26 Per Hour

A Digital Press Operator earns between $13 and $29 Per Hour

A 40” 6-Color Offset Press Helper earns between $19 and $24 Per Hour

A 40” 6-Color Offset Press Operator earns between $22 and $30 Per Hour

A Web Press Operator earns between $15 and $31 Per Hour

PIEF, a foundation created by the Printing Industries of Ohio • N.Kentucky, hopes that these scholarship opportunities will help prepare a new generation of professionals to become the leaders of our industry in the future.

The foundation houses a number of funds, all dedicated to providing educational opportunities for members of the graphics communications industry, and for students interested in a career in the graphic communications industry. Recipients must be pursuing coursework in print management, printing technology or graphic arts at an accredited educational institution.

We hope that the information provided in this
publication inspires
you to pursue an exciting career in the printing industry. As always, if you have any concerns or any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Career Focus

Your search for an exciting career in graphic communications might begin with a scholarship to one of the great collegiate graphic communications programs in Ohio and northern Kentucky, or across the country. The Printing Industries Education Funds, Inc. (PIEF) has provided valuable scholarships to students in Ohio and northern Kentucky since 1999. Scholarships are awarded every year to talented and deserving students like yourself.